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Exploring the 2023 Giving USA Report: Navigating a Changing Philanthropic Landscape

Erika Moczulewski
July 13, 2023

4 Ways AI Helps Innovate the Nonprofit Sector

AI is here to stay and has the potential to revolutionize the nonprofit sector by automating routine tasks and freeing up more time for delivering high-quality programs and services to those who need them most. In this article, I want to share some tangible ways that AI can help your nonprofit optimize your data analysis, donor management, fundraising, and program delivery.

Katie Wilson, Digital Marketing Manager, StratusLIVE
May 11, 2023
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8 Best Practices for a Stronger Job Interview Process at Your Nonprofit

Check out these 8 best practices that will help your interviews go more smoothly than ever–and help you find a candidate who is a best fit for your organization.

Kal Marcus
April 4, 2023

Evolved Onboarding: Make Your New Employee’s First Day Seamless

How can you prepare your organization and your new employee for a great first day of work? 

Jami Bachrad
March 8, 2023

3 Signs of a High-Achieving Board

We all know how crucial a successful board is to a thriving organization. But many nonprofit boards struggle with a lack of engagement, communication issues, or not achieving their fundraising goals. Luckily, it’s a new year, which is a great time to set new expectations, plan more training and social opportunities, and breathe some new life into your board.

Jamie Klobuchar
January 24, 2023

3 Fundraising Trends in 2022 That Are Not Going Away

Amy Schiffman
December 21, 2022

Meet Senior Consultant Patricia Broughton, A Leader in DEI Work at Evolve & in her Community

Senior Consultant Patricia Broughton always wanted to make the world a better place – but she realized early on that nonprofit programming was not where her strengths lie. Her superpower is connecting people who want to change the world with those who can. As a fundraiser, this means connecting donors who have the resources and want to make a difference with the incredible staff of nonprofits doing the frontline work. 

Jamie Klobuchar
December 2, 2022

It’s Not Too Early to Start Planning for Year-End Giving

In busy development shops, it can feel like September is too early to be thinking about year-end giving. We’re still three months out! But this is actually the perfect time to start planning for your best year-end giving yet.

Jamie Klobuchar
September 21, 2022

3 Ways to Prepare Mid-Level Professionals at Your Nonprofit for Leadership

We’ve all heard about the leadership gap in the nonprofit sector since the pandemic began. Many EDs and Directors of Development have retired, moved industries, or been recruited away by a better offer. Instead of scrambling to launch a search when your next leader transitions, I recommend that nonprofit leaders start developing this talent internally.

Jami Bachrad
August 15, 2022

5 Ways to Tackle Inflation as a Nonprofit Leader

Jamie Klobuchar
July 28, 2022

4 Popular Fundraising Resources You May Have Missed

Wondering how to fill that creative time? I’ve compiled 4 of Evolve’s most popular fundraising resources that you may have missed:

Jamie Klobuchar
July 14, 2022

4 Ways to Help Your Board Be Better Ambassadors for Your Organization

We ask a lot of our board members, and we can’t expect them to succeed without the proper tools. One way to support their success is to focus on how board members can support your work in addition to donating—building relationships, opening doors, stewarding your current donors. 

Renee Davis
June 25, 2022

Fundraisers, You’re Not Lazy - You Need a Break

Because nonprofits are operating with fewer resources and staff, everything and everyone needs to be more efficient, more streamlined, more productive to make a bigger impact. To hit goals that are constantly growing, even when your staff is not increasing in capacity. But it doesn't need to be that way.

Dani Castonzo
May 25, 2022

Help! I’m Not Getting the Raise I Was Promised

Last week, someone I connected with a while back about a potential search came to me in a really tough spot.After stepping up and taking on new challenges in her role last year, she was promised a raise and promotion in 2022. Although her current position and organization isn’t the most perfect fit, she decided it was worth it to stay for the pay increase and new title, which more closely align with her career goals. But now it’s March…and despite her many emails and gentle reminders, her manager keeps postponing the conversation. 

Jamie Perry
March 8, 2022

Why Board Term Limits Are So Important (Even Though No One’s Talking About Them!)

I’m going to say something you might not want to hear…Your board needs term limits. I understand why some nonprofit organizations hesitate to implement board term limits. Your board risks losing the experience and insight that comes with long-term board members. Recruiting new board members is time-consuming and requires many resources. And of course, board members rotating on and off can disrupt the board’s workflow. 

Lisa Tylke
February 22, 2022

[Webinar] The Secret to Recruiting and Retaining Rock Stars During the Great Resignation

Evolve Giving Group
February 3, 2022

Is Hiring a Search Firm Right for Your Organization?

Is Hiring a Search Firm Right for Your Organization?

Jamie Perry
January 11, 2022

Ready for a Fresh Start in 2022?

Jamie Klobuchar
December 21, 2021

Looking to Hire in 2022? Don't Miss These Resources

Looking to Hire in 2022? Don't Miss These Resources

Amy Schiffman and Jamie Perry
December 14, 2021

4 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Your Team’s Wins This Year

Jamie Klobuchar
December 7, 2021

It’s Time to Update Your Acknowledgement Letter

Jamie Klobuchar
December 1, 2021

10 Creative Ways to Thank Your Donors This Thanksgiving

Jamie Klobuchar
November 23, 2021

​​6 Tips to Nail Your Thank You Calls (And Retain Those First-Time Donors)

Jamie Klobuchar
November 16, 2021