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From CDO to CEO – Why Fundraisers Make the Best Chief Executives

Amy Schiffman

10 Ways to Lose a Job

Amy Schiffman and Jamie Perry

My Journey to Explore, Grow and Change

Lisa Tarshis

3 Ways to Prepare Mid-Level Professionals at Your Nonprofit for Leadership

We’ve all heard about the leadership gap in the nonprofit sector since the pandemic began. Many EDs and Directors of Development have retired, moved industries, or been recruited away by a better offer. Instead of scrambling to launch a search when your next leader transitions, I recommend that nonprofit leaders start developing this talent internally.

Jami Bachrad

What Impact Will This Unstable Financial Time Have on the Nonprofit Job Market in 2023?

We sat down with Rhonda Stephens, Evolve’s new VP of Talent Services, to hear her thoughts on what we can expect to see in the job market this year.

Dani Castonzo

6 Benefits of Hiring an Interim Leader During a Leadership Gap

Here are 6 reasons why your organization could benefit from interim leadership...

Judy Rosen