Success Stories

Illinois Partners for Human Service

Identifying the Ideal Candidate

Who they are

We are leading efforts to fully fund human services to ensure that all Illinoisans reach their full potential and have access to a sector that is equitable, sustainable and speaks with a collective voice.

The Impact

Since joining Illinois Partners over a year ago, Evan has worked to implement new components to the organization’s existing fundraising model and incorporate organizational goals into their fundraising strategy. The impact has been significant. Her efforts have bolstered revenue building opportunities through enhanced grant writing and the development of a strategic approach to strengthen their individual giving base. Moreover, her work now involves the integration of issues of systemic racism, equity and access into the organization’s grant writing, promotional materials, engagement strategies and other initiatives.

Key Project Elements
Services Provided
  • Comprehensive Search

How We Work Together

Evolve's search consultants worked alongside Illinois Partners on a comprehensive search for a new Outreach and Development Manager. As the role encompassed not only fundraising, but relationship building with funders and recipients of grants, our team knew Illinois Partners needed someone with experience in fundraising, grants administration and community development. The consultants undertook the management of the entire process, freeing up the team at Illinois Partners to focus on working for the betterment of their constituents. Evan Finamore, sourced from our team's personal network, with a background in museum exhibit development and evaluation, strategic planning and volunteer fundraising, may have seemed an 'out of the box' candidate for the position, but one who was highly recommended. Evan has been in post for over a year and is enjoying many successes in her role. Evan says, 'this story is about our consultants being instrumental in identifying the candidate the client didn’t even know they needed. I am so grateful to have made the connection and to take this leap of faith because, low and behold, it worked out.'

“Evan has been a fantastic addition to our team – she has a unique ability to communicate the heart of our work in a way that resonates with different audiences, from funders to legislators to our nonprofit partners. We are lucky to have her and I’m grateful for all she does for our organization.”