What to Consider Before Accepting Your Next Job Offer

Jamie Perry
August 30, 2021

After many months of cover letters, resume tweaking, and Zoom interviews, you just got a job offer—amazing! Take a moment and celebrate!

Job searching can be tough, and after receiving a rejection letter or sending countless unanswered applications, it’s easy to fall into the trap of accepting your first offer exactly as is. But what if you were hoping for a higher salary or more PTO, or clarification on their maternity leave policy?

Here are 5 things to consider before accepting the first offer you receive: 

1.     Take a deep breath and tune in to how you’re feeling. Excited, nervous, dread? Although it’s incredible to receive an offer, often your intuition will know if this is the right opportunity for you. Do you feel excited to grow and change with this organization? Do you feel eager to spend more time with the team members you've met? Does this opportunity align with your career goals?

2.     Get specific about the benefits. What kind of health insurance does the organization offer, and how much will the premium cost each month? Feel free to request the handbook before a negotiation; it will likely answer many of your questions and you’ll get a better sense of the company’s values, policies, and culture.  

3.     Remember: almost everything is negotiable. That includes salary, start date, PTO, job title, relocation expenses, equipment, and remote/virtual work. It’s not selfish to ask for what you want and need. After all, you want this job to be the right fit for you and for the employer. Better to ask these nitty-gritty questions now than later, when you realize you have to use four hours of sick time to go to the dentist. 

4.     Your attitude is everything. Asking for a better offer in an entitled way or being critical of a company policy will not get you the offer of your dreams, and it could even result in your offer being rescinded. Being both respectful, and confident, will show the employer the value you will bring to the team and will likely help you secure the offer you desire.

5.     You’re allowed to say no. Taking a new job opportunity should be exciting and align with your lifestyle and career goals. If you notice through the negotiation process that you're not able to reach a deal that excites you, it's ok to respectfully decline and hold out for the next opportunity. We promise it's out there!

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