You’re Interviewing Them, Too

Jami Bachrad
August 21, 2021

Whether you lost or left a prior job due to pandemic-related factors or are ready to climb the next rung on your professional ladder, it’s a good time to be on the hunt. Many employers are eager and ready to hire. And though it’s a job seeker’s market, interviewing can be nerve-racking. A Zoom interview doesn’t allow you to read the room, and you can’t rely on a firm handshake and great eye contact to leave an impression. And then there’s finding a perfect interview shirt – to pair with your favorite off-screen sweatpants, of course.

You’ve done the standard interview prep routine:

  • Read the job description several times. Check. 
  • Scour the organization’s website and memorize their mission statement. Check. 
  • Ask yourself hypothetical interview questions in the bathroom mirror. Check. 

But you may not be prepared for one golden opportunity interview question: 

“Do YOU have any questions for us?”

The questions you ask them next can potentially do two things:

  1. Help convince them you’re right for the job. 

By asking thoughtful questions, your intelligence and poise will shine through, and you’ll show your professionalism and highlight your qualifications. 

  1. Give you a chance to interview them.

You have a key moment here to dig deeper about the parts of the job that interest you and get more detail about aspects of the job you may be unclear on. 

What types of questions can you ask, and what will they accomplish? We’ve got you.  

5 types of questions to ask – and what to think about with the answers you get:

  1. Ask: How is success defined and encouraged in this position?
    Think About: Does this model of success seem realistic and achievable for you?
  1. Ask: What is their own background? Why did they come to work here?
    Hint: Most people appreciate being asked and enjoy talking about themselves. Show you are interested in getting to know them.
    Think About: Could you see yourself jiving with them?
  1. Ask: What do they think is most exciting and challenging about their work?
    Think About: Does what they describe interest and inspire you?
  1. Ask: Are the responsibilities and expectations of the position clearly defined?
    Think About: What further clarification do you need to understand if you can do - and want to do - this job? 
  1. Ask: Is there growth opportunity in the position and within the organization?
    Think About: Does this align with your own concept of professional growth?

Since you’re most likely at the tail end of the interview, asking these types of questions will leave them – and you – with a better sense of whether this opportunity is a fit on both sides.

Happy interviewing! Remember to come prepared with your A Game questions


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