Evolve’s career coach talks micromanaging bosses, switching careers, and resume boosting

Jamie Klobuchar
May 11, 2022

Evolve’s new career coach, Rhoda Weisman, began her leadership career working with college students at UCLA. She fell in love with helping students develop their enormous potential and explore fulfilling career paths, particularly those with a social mission. 

“I believe that all people and I, as a lover of Jewish traditions, are responsible for leaving our world better for having lived here,” says Rhoda. 

Since then, Rhoda has coached and mentored several thousand leaders in her 34-year career. As Founder of Rhoda+Co, Rhoda has devoted her life’s work to developing purpose-driven, innovative and diverse leaders across the nonprofit and Jewish sectors in North America, Israel and Europe.

Evolve recently welcomed Rhoda to lead our new nonprofit career coaching initiative and provide coaching services to our terrific  clients. We were lucky enough to sit down with Rhoda and ask her a few questions that have been top of mind for clients recently. 


1. What's the most important thing I can do for my resume? 

Image matters. I have found that using a sharp, clean and very contemporary resume template with separate spaces for contact information, education and unique skills and talents makes all the difference in the world. These categories are viewed vertically next to the listings of your professional positions. This layout allows for space to provide wonderful detail about what you have accomplished in each position and how that sets you apart from others. It’s a consistent winner!

2) I have a micromanaging boss. What should I do? 

Try these best practices for “managing your boss” successfully: 

1.Explain that you produce best and create consistent excellent results by having space to work independently. And that you will provide transparent updates on your work.  

2.Ask for dates, times and milestones for those updates so your boss knows where the project is at any given time. In a clear and warm manner, commit to asking for help when needed and assure them they will never be uncomfortably surprised. 

3.End by asking your boss if there is anything else you can do in this new model to help them be as comfortable as possible.

3) I want to switch careers/industries. Where do I start? 

Start by tapping into your unique passions and talents. These almost always show up in childhood around what we were cared  about and made us happy pursuing. What did you love as a child? When you were in “flow,” those moments where hours passed and it barely felt like minutes because you loved what you were doing. 

Next, determine your top strengths and build on them. Positive psychology tells us that the more we lead with our strengths, the happier we are. Try this free assessment to help you. 

Now, visualize yourself in the near-future flourishing at work and thrilled with your career. What are you doing? How have you tapped into your unique talents, passions and strengths? 

And thirdly, who are you doing it with? What is the culture like at work that encourages you to be your best self?

Finally, go for it! If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t know what the future holds which makes how we live in the present even more precious.

Want to hear more wisdom from Rhoda? You won’t want to miss our upcoming webinar, Live Career Coaching with Rhoda & Amy, on Wednesday, May 18 at 12 PM CST. Rhoda will provide an hour of FREE speed coaching on the call, so come prepared with questions!

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