"What I like most about my work is that it is challenging. I have always believed that anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. I like to ride the storm and come out on top."

Consultant, Team Leader

Pam Lookatch

Chicago, IL

Pam brings with her a perfect mix of a consulting background, advising New York’s top corporations, law firms and banks on how to improve their organizational infrastructure to enhance service delivery and maintain cost efficiency. She also brings over 10 years of experience as a professional volunteer. Pam has served on numerous boards, managed executive searches, chaired large-scale fundraising events, and oversaw committees ranging from community engagement to strategic planning workgroups. Pam feels it is a privilege to advise clients and work alongside professionals and volunteer leadership to build capacity, broaden an organization’s reach and create innovative fundraising plans. 

Pam has always approached fundraising through a lens of community engagement and relationship building. She prides herself on the philosophy that “By building a strong community first, you’re investing in your organization’s future because support will always follow”. As a leader, Pam is results-oriented and committed to the big picture without losing sight of the small details involved in growing a community of donors. Pam’s emphasis on effective execution, attention to detail and precise follow-through puts her clients at ease and lets them focus on what is most critical - building relationships with their donors and the community they serve.



Recent clients

  • CURE Epilepsy
  • JCC Chicago
  • Our Place
  • CAN TV
  • Temple Jeremiah
  • South Peninsula Hebrew Day School
  • Solomon Schechter of Metropolitan Chicago
  • Brauser Maimonides Academy
  • Gann Academy


Bachelor of Arts in Advertising, University of Florida


Pam enjoys being a mom, tennis, going to concerts and traveling.