“All goals can be met by talented people, but talented people who possess passion and drive for the goals are what make an organization Evolve!”

Vice President, Talent Services

Rhonda Stephens

Tampa, FL / Bolingbrook, IL

As Vice President of Talent Services, Rhonda empowers organizations to advance their mission by recruiting and retaining top-tier nonprofit professionals. Rhonda’s passion is developing long-lasting organizational relationships. She believes that open, honest communication is the way to build cultures that withstand inevitable change.

Rhonda has more than 20 years of staffing, talent management, and career development experience in both nonprofit and for-profit spaces. She’s worked with professionals at all points in their careers from development coordinators to C-Suite executives. With Rhonda’s strategic support, clients are able to find creative solutions to their talent challenges and develop strong, skilled teams.


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Rhonda enjoys reading, board games, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.