“What distinguishes a leader from a non-leader is not position or office or role but rather a basic attitude to life. Others wait for something to happen; leaders help make something happen. While others curse the darkness, a leader lights a light……A good leader creates followers. A great leader creates leaders.” - Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Lessons in Leadership

Senior Associate Consultant

Levi Zeffren

Evanston, Illinois

Levi is a highly experienced professional who has dedicated his entire career to working with Jewish nonprofits. With a wealth of knowledge in both programming and fundraising, Levi brings a unique perspective to his work, allowing him to design innovative programs and campaigns that meet the specific needs of his clients. From large-scale capital campaigns to small special projects and annual campaigns, Levi has a proven track record of success in the nonprofit world.

Outside of his work, Levi enjoys building and tinkering with things, as well as playing and listening to music. He is particularly passionate about Jewish Education and community safety and has worked tirelessly to fight against antisemitism throughout his adult life. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Levi now resides in Evanston, Illinois with his wife and four children.


Fundraising, Development

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