[Webinar] Your Board and Fundraising: Achieving the Impossible

Evolve Giving Group
May 21, 2021

If recruiting and engaging board members who embrace fundraising seems like mission impossible, join Evolve Giving Group CEO, Amy Schiffman, and two seasoned board presidents, Lisa Schwartz of SeriousFun Children’s Network & North Star Reach and Kimberly Norwood-Ingram of Forward Momentum Chicago for an honest conversation about boards and the role they play in capacity building.

Because confident volunteers are more effective volunteers, we’ll explore a model where every Board member is motivated to play a role in fundraising and no one works (too far) outside of comfort zones. You’ll leave with a plan to offer board members opportunities to enhance resource development without putting them in roles they dread and, as a result, deepen their commitment.


Amy Schiffman
President & CEO
Evolve Giving Group

Lisa Schwartz
Director / Board of Directors
SeriousFun Children's Network
North Star Reach

Kimberly Norwood-Ingram
Board of Directors
Forward Momentum Chicago