[Webinar] The Secret to Recruiting and Retaining Rock Stars During the Great Resignation

Evolve Giving Group
February 3, 2022

In the last year, we’ve seen employees leave their positions in record numbers during the Great Resignation. During this unusual time, the rise of remote work and the challenges of the pandemic have made hiring and retaining talent more difficult than ever.

In this webinar, Amy Schiffman, President & CEO of Evolve Giving Group, and Jamie Perry, Evolve Search Manager, addressed two questions that are on every nonprofit leader’s mind:

  • Your people are considering leaving your organization. How do you keep them?
  • You’ve already lost some of your top talent to the Great Resignation. How do you replace them?

In this approachable "fireside chat", you’ll learn how your organization can retain and recruit talent that will move your mission forward during this challenging time from two of our top experts in search.


Amy Schiffman
President & CEO
Evolve Giving Group

Jamie Perry
Consultant, Executive Search
Evolve Giving Group