Rebranding "You" in Today's Nonprofit Job Market

Jamie Perry
July 13, 2020

We are all waking up these days wondering what the next headline will be or what the next news story will present. Over the past few months, unemployment has risen, leaving countless Americans without work. Nearly every sector has been impacted by recent events and has been forced to adapt and, often, let people go in order to maintain fiscal sustainability. As a result, we are seeing high caliber talent searching for their next opportunity when they may not have otherwise been exploring. 

Does this sound like you? We are here to help you best position yourself to land a job in what may seem like unfamiliar territory. After navigating the past few months, it is likely you can add the following skills to your resume and interview conversations:

  1. Remote work experience: If the past few months have taught us anything about the workspace, we know that working from home may be the new norm, even if it is only temporary.  Have you had experience working from home? Is this the first time you have worked remotely? Have you been successful? Tell the hiring manager!  
  2. Adaptability: As job opportunities come back on the radar and many organizations are anxious to continue building (or rebuilding) their teams, we know for certain that hiring managers want to learn how you have adapted to the current climate and how you’ve been successful. What parts of your week changed over the past few months? How have you continued to develop skills and think critically, even if not in a traditional work environment? Share your experiences and how you have grown as a dynamic professional.
  3. Time Management: While time management may already be one of your strengths, chances are you have taken it to a new level.  Are you starting your day with a more structured to-do list or schedule?  Are you finding yourself able to accomplish more (given the lack of a commute)?  Has your overall wellness improved because you take planned breaks for a short walk or to eat lunch away from your computer? We can all learn new tips and tricks - share what works for you!
  4. Planning Ahead: During unpredictable times it is easy to get stuck in the “here and now”. Managers are looking for goal-oriented nonprofit professionals with the ability to function strategically.  Did you set short and long term goals for yourself or your team? What were your outcomes? How did this keep you or your team motivated and accountable? Be ready to speak (during your next interview) about how your planning skills made it easier to stay on track and see visible results.

Now is the time to showcase all that you have to offer. For our expert tips on how to update your personal marketing materials, including your resume and LinkedIn page, download our freebie!

Take a deeper dive with us on our July 23rd webinar, when we share additional tips about presenting yourself to employers during this unique time. Register today for Making Your Way in Today’s Nonprofit Job Market, a conversation with nonprofit talent experts from Hillel International, Greater Chicago Food Depository, and JCFS Chicago.

If you are a current job seeker and are looking for roles in the nonprofit space, please send your resume to Jamie Perry, Consultant, Executive Search to be added to our candidate database.