Giving Tuesday in 2020: What's the Deal?!

Emily Halpern
October 27, 2020

In 2019, the nonprofit sector raised $1.9 billion in one day - Giving Tuesday.

And here we are again already! This time of year our team gets call after call from clients and fundraising friends asking the annual question: should we be doing a Giving Tuesday campaign? 

Well, it’s been one heck of a year, and we are not in the business of adding more work to your plate, but we’ve seen it pay off in the past. I mean, don’t you want a piece of the billion dollar pie?

While I stand by my 2019 Giving Tuesday tips... in a year like 2020, it seems like all bets are off. If your organization is in a place to take on this day of giving, here are a few considerations:

  1. Take advantage of the calendar. Chances are your organization has some sort of year-end campaign in the works, so use Giving Tuesday as a kickoff. No need to reinvent the wheel, especially if you are operating with a more lean team than before. There’s something about December 1 that screams “ready for the holiday season” and you’re in a perfect position to ride that wave.
  1. People are more comfortable online than they’ve ever been. Even my grandparents are Zoom experts! Take advantage of the newfound tech familiarity and go all-in on your digital efforts. Remember, donors often require three touchpoints to take the giving plunge, so think about how you can get your brand on their screen x3.  
  1. Be honest. On the heels of an election cycle that has been more fundraising-driven than ever, Americans are used to hearing directly from people who need their dollars. You’ve been working night and day to pivot your programs and serve your community - let your donors know how hard you’ve worked. Can you share results of an adapted program you’ve offered and why extra funding is absolutely necessary to keep it going? What extra costs have you taken on to serve in the wake of the pandemic? People want to be on your team, so let them in.
  1. Measure success differently: think about donor acquisition. According to Classy, “The number of new donors acquired on Giving Tuesday is 6X that of a typical day, making it a goldmine for donor acquisition.” Challenge your organization to measure new donors as a win, even if their gifts may be lower this year. Come up with a real plan to engage new supporters over the next few months so that they are primed and ready to become repeat donors next year.

What does your Giving Tuesday look like? Whether you’re all-in or still on the fence, we’re here to help. Download this freebie for an easy-to-use guide to outline your campaign without driving yourself crazy. Dedicate some time to going through this list of questions and we know you’ll be ready to make the best decision for your organization.

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If you’re looking to brainstorm some ideas, let me know! We’re offering free 30-minute coaching calls to help you prepare for your Giving Tuesday appeal. Sign up here.