4 Popular Fundraising Resources You May Have Missed

Jamie Klobuchar
July 14, 2022

For many fundraisers (although not all of us), the world slows down a bit in summer. 

Considering how fast-paced the development world can be, we deserve it! I hope you’re taking your summer Fridays, enjoying fewer panicked phone calls, and NOT checking email on the weekends or evenings. 

One of the best things about not working in crisis mode is you can take time to be creative and think more strategically. I’m taking advantage of the summer’s slower pace by blocking off a few hours each week for creative work

That's a time where I don’t check email, take phone calls, or get bogged down with day-to-day responsibilities. I use it for professional development and brainstorming. And I suggest you do the same, if you have capacity!

Wondering how to fill that creative time? I’ve compiled 4 of Evolve’s most popular fundraising resources that you may have missed: 

  1. Quiz: What’s your fundraising style?.  Every fundraiser brings their own unique strengths to the table. This quiz will help you identify your own personal fundraising style AND offer a few recommendations for ways to capitalize on those strengths. This is a great quiz to take if you’re gearing up for an annual review or job interview! 
  2. It’s Time to Update Your Acknowledgement Letter. I know, acknowledgement letters aren’t exactly top priority during your busy week. But they’re a personal touchpoint with each donor, and every one counts. This blog also includes a FREE sample acknowledgement letter, so your update will be painless. 
  3. 4 Ways to Help Your Board be Better Ambassadors. YES, that includes fundraising. This blog also includes a list of non-financial asks that should be an essential part of every first donor meeting. 
  4. 10 Creative Ways to Thank Your Donors. This one is Thanksgiving-themed, but who says we can’t creatively thank our donors year-round? This blog also includes an awesome freebie–an individual stewardship plan that lays out concrete stewardship strategies you can implement right away.